Secrets and virtues of the ancient sauna ritual

The foundations of the sauna and its use were laid by the Nordic people about two thousand years ago, and the best-known and most popular type is the Finnish sauna.

Naturally, the culture of the sauna and the methods of use have developed and changed a lot over the years, up to the present day both in their use and in their forms. Consider, for example, that in the past, these rooms even played a medical or even agricultural role.

Nowadays, the focus of the sauna is more on physical relaxation and mental recharging, without neglecting its positive physiological effects. In today's hectic world, the sauna is also an island of peace, where calm and relaxation await those who want to escape from stressful everyday life. As I mentioned, it also has a very good effect on health, strengthens our immune system, and has a positive effect on the circulatory and muscular system and its anti-stress effect should not be overlooked. Of course, we could list many other physical and mental health benefits, and it proves why regular sauna sessions are worthwhile.

Whether it's an individual sauna that suits individual needs or a sauna led by a sauna master, I'm sure everyone will find an experience that suits them and meets all needs.

In our thermal park, you will find many types of sauna, from the Finnish sauna to the steam bath to the innovative hay sauna, where you can try our various sauna sessions.

A sauna infusion is in fact a guided session, where the master tries to promote the perfect acclimatization of the guest and the maximum experience by continuously increasing the temperature, using a variety of essential oils, pleasant music, and, last but not least, acting on the circulation of warm air.

Of course, there are different types of sauna sessions, from relaxing meditation programs to spectacular and frenetic „shows“, not forgetting, of course, the excellent body treatment programs, which guarantee a different kind of sauna experience with the help of our magical Turkish bath.

Let's meet in our renewed sauna world, where we will warmly welcome all those who want to recharge and relax!

For more information contact our Krisztián Vajda - Park Coordinator & Sauna Master