The birth of movement, wellness, life

Our water springs pure from over 1000 meters below the ground

Perhaps it is our 1,800 square meters of water surface combined with our over 45,000 square meters of gardens that make our Resort so unique. We are aware that everything comes from water. Movement, well-being, and life come from water: this is the starting point for experiencing Mjus Resort. Our water springs pure from over 1000 meters below the ground. You will find its purity in our pools, every day.

Caves Pool

A unique atmosphere any time of day

Our spectacular Caves Pool overlooks the green of our outdoor park and is surrounded on three sides by large windows that filter in lots of sunlight.  This is the element, together with the clarity of its water, that creates a unique atmosphere at any time of day.

Mosaic Pool

Water with unique tones

This pool takes its name from its inside lining, consisting of small mosaic patterns that remind us of ancient Roman baths.  Colors like white, brown and ochre combine with natural daylight to give unique tones to the water.

Lake Pool

An oasis of cool relax in the midst of greenery

In the midst of greenery, surrounded by palm trees and straw umbrellas, this pond-shaped pool is almost like an oasis. The water here is cooler than in the other pools, offering freshness during hot summer days. The stretch of water, with its two access boardwalks, is divided into two areas with a small part reserved for children.

Baby Pool

All dedicated to children

This pool is all dedicated to children.


Sauna Whirlpool

Pure relaxation in hot water

Our hot water whirlpool bath is found in our outdoor sauna area with a small dedicated garden.

Water Slides

Relax but have fun too

Mjus World offers relaxation but fun as well. The Thermal Park contains, with access from the Grotto Pool, two large enclosed slides.



Our Sauna World

Massages & treatments

To regain strength and spirit

Thermal Park

Everything comes from water