Dear Guests,
Given the need to increase hygienic safety during the COVID-19 epidemic, we adopted the recommendations of the Public Health Authorities and various control and virucide disinfection measures for your safety.
Please refer to the information below and the basic rules for good bath hygiene behavior, which are also required by the health regulations and are part of the current Thermal Bath Policy:

The behavior and habits of the Thermal Park visitors fundamentally influence the water quality of the pools, and in the present situation, the proper hygienic bathing culture is even more emphasized.
In order to use the services of our bath, we ask our dear Guests to:
1.1. Read our posted House Rules and posted information.
1.2. Wash your hands often, follow the WHO’s infographics on the “disinfectant hand washing process” found in the washrooms in the Resort area.
1.3. Use a handkerchief for sneezing and coughing.
1.4. Keep the safety distance (1,5 m in the pool areas and 2 m in the water).
1.5. Avoid close contact.
1.6. Avoid handshakes and physical contact in general.

With proper water treatment, the risk of the virus spreading through bathing water is extremely low. Help our work with correct bath hygiene behavior!
2.1. If you experience symptoms of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory illness, do not go to the bath! If you experience any of the listed symptoms, you will not be able to use the services of our Resort.
2.2. Take a shower with warm water and soap before and after using the pool, and after using the toilets.
2.3. Always use the foot washbasins.
2.4. Follow the information on the maximum load capacity of the pools and the instructions of our staff.
2.5. Enter the pools only in suitable bathing clothing.
2.6. Do not eat or drink in the pools.
2.7. Protect the children, do not use children’s pools for bathing, enter these pools only for the time necessary for the children’s surveillance.
2.8. Take your toddlers into the pools only while wearing a swimming diaper.


3.1. The services of the Thermal Park can be accessed only in accordance with the applicable Governmental regulations.
At the moment of the publication of the present Thermal Park Regulation Integration the services of the Thermal Park can be accessed by the people possessing a Hungarian vaccine card or a vaccination certificate issued by a foreign state that is recognized by Hungary together with children under 18 years under their responsibility.
3.2. Body temperature measuring devices were installed at the entrance of the Resort and of the Thermal Park. In the case of measuring body temperature of 37.5 ° C or higher, we, unfortunately, have to refuse the entrance in the Resort. We ask for Your understanding and cooperation in submitting yourselves to body temperature measurements and in the event of a possible refusal to enter.
3.3. It is still important to keep safety distances, so we ask our dear Guests to avoid groupings in the changing rooms and washrooms, and to stay inside only for the necessary time.
3.4. Information boards for maximum capacity at the same time can be found at the entrances to the changing rooms and toilets. For your own safety, please strictly follow the relevant instructions.
3.5. We would like to inform our Guests that the required 16m2 / person outdoor seating area is fully provided. We also inform you that when the maximum capacity is reached, the entrance of further Guests will be denied.
3.6. The areas of the Thermal Park are cleaned with virucidal products, and during the opening hours certain spaces, such as changing rooms and washbasins, are cleaned at regular intervals (hourly), as well as the disinfection of the frequently touched surfaces (pool railings and handrails every 2 hours) and utensils (watches, sunbeds after).
3.7. We put at Your disposal virucide hand sanitizer dispensers at several points of the facility (entrances, reception, restaurants, toilets). Please use these often.
3.8. Virucidal liquid soap and paper towel dispensers are available in all the toilets of the Resort.
3.9. In order to make it easier for you to take the mandatory shower before and after using the pool and after using the toilets, we have installed liquid soap dispensers in the showers.
3.10. Although it is not mandatory for our guests to wear a mask in the Thermal Park area, we encourage and recommend You wear them during all indoor traffic and during the indoor stay.
In the area of the restaurants of the facility is mandatory to wear a mask, except during the consummation and seated at the tables.
3.11. In order to maintain the safety distance, the sunbeds were placed in pairs, 1.5 m apart. If you need to change this arrangement, for example for larger families, please contact our Lifeguard Staff, who will provide you with the necessary rearrangements while ensuring the right distance from other Guests.
3.12. To make it easier to maintain safety distances, floor markers have been placed for the eventual staying in line (at the reception, in the changing room, and in restaurants).

3.13. During the pool’s water treatment processes, we strictly follow all regulations, including chemical dosing, water quality control, backwashing of filters, fresh water supply, etc.
3.14. In addition to providing water treatment equipment as required by law, we perform an increased number of daily water quality inspections, as required by the Public Health Authorities for the duration of the COVID-19 epidemic.

For maximum safety, our Co-workers also adhere to strict hygiene regulations:
3.15. Like the Guests of our Resort, our Employees undergo a body temperature measurement when entering/starting work in the Resort and if a feverish condition is measured, they may not enter the facility.
3.16. Our Employees working in the Thermal Park are required to wear a mask and to wear rubber gloves during certain work processes (money handling, cleaning, etc.). In addition, Virucid hand sanitizers are available to our staff too.
3.17. Our staff has been trained in the hygienic precautions to be applied during the COVID-19 epidemic and incorrect hygienic behavior.


1.1. People who use the services without authorization violate the regulations of the House Rules of the Thermal Park or the instructions of our Co-workers on duty may be removed from the area of the facility (if necessary) with the involvement of the Security Service.
1.2. Use of the Services constitutes automatic acceptance of these policies.
1.3. In any matter not regulated in the present regulation, the provisions of Hungarian law shall apply, as well as the Regulations of the General Terms and Conditions of the Resort, which can be viewed on our website, at the Hotel or Thermal Bath Reception.

1.4. The Thermal Park’s opening hours are displayed in various locations of the Resort and our Guest can have information on his regard at the Hotel or Thermal Park Reception.
1.5. The opening hours may vary depending on the season, special events, or service necessities.
1.6. The pools and the various areas of the Thermal Park have to be left 15 minutes before the closing hour.

1.7. Due to hygienic and safety reasons it is forbidden to introduce animals in all of the Thermal Park, both inside and outside.

1.8. It is forbidden to take outside any kind of furniture or materials, be they textiles (bathrobes, towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.) or any other kinds (bulbs, cables, remote controls) owned by the structure.
1.9. Any lack or damage caused voluntary or involuntary must be recompensed to the Resort Property according to the value established by the Management.
1.10. Any eventual damage must be immediately reported at the Reception of the Thermal Park.
1.11. If the damage is caused by more than one person, every person involved is held accountable.

1.12. Our company operates an electronic monitoring system in the facility. The recordings can be used as evidence in case of problems, violations, and violations of the law, in compliance with the relevant legal regulations. The monitoring system has been created and is operating in accordance with the 2012. I. law, the 2011. CXII. law on right to information self-determination and freedom of information, 2005. CXXXIII. law on the rules of private investigative activity and the provisions of Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
1.13. All Guests are required to respect the fire safety regulations. In the event of a fire, the escape routes are present in all the areas. It is also mandatory to follow the instructions of the Staff in service.

1.14. In order to protect and respect the privacy and personal data without the permission of the Resort Management, it is not allowed to take private photos or video recordings of third parties or our employees, either in the outdoors or the indoors of the facility (see our Privacy Policy published on our website or at the Hotel Reception).
1.15. The commercial use of the recordings described above is prohibited and may only be used with the written consent of the Resort Management.

2.1. The external Guests (who do not stay in the Hotel) can access the Thermal Park’s areas after purchasing the entrance ticket and only during the displayed opening hours. It is mandatory to wear the bracelet received at the moment of the purchase of the entrance ticket, which allows the access depending on the purchased ticket’s type and allows to charge the eventual consumptions which are to be paid when exiting the Thermal Park.
2.2. The bracelets handed over to the adults (over 14 years) have a spending limit of 30.000 huf, while the ones handed to the children (under 14 years) have 6.000 huf of spending limit.
In case of losing the bracelets, the amounts of the spending limit are to be paid as a penalty.
If we have the possibility to identify in our informatics system the purchases made with lost bracelet (e.g., group tickets), instead of paying the maximum spending limit of the lost bracelet as a penalty, the Guest must pay the actually spent amount plus 2.000 huf for every lost bracelet.
2.3. The towel or bathrobe rental service is available at the rental and deposit prices exposed at the Thermal Park reception.
2.4. In case of losing the rented towel or bathrobe the caution amount will be withheld and there is the possibility of applying further penalties.
2.5. The Hotel Guests can access the Thermal Park’s areas (pools and Sauna Land) free of charge wearing the bracelet of distinctive color they received at the check-in. For the Hotel Guests, the towels can be requested free of charge at the Thermal Park Reception (see the Resort’s General Regulation’s B.11. point).
2.6. The children under 14 years old can access the Thermal Park areas and services only accompanied by an adult. When purchasing a ticket of a reduced price for children it is mandatory to present an ID of the child.
2.7. There are at the disposal of the Guest’s lockers, hangers, and shelves to deposit their personal belongings. The lockers can be rented at the prices exposed at the Thermal Park Reception.
2.8. In order to assure the safe use of the services and in case of overcrowding the entrance to the Thermal Park can be temporally suspended.
2.9. In case of bad weather, there is no possibility to refund the tickets purchased at the Thermal Park, on the website, or any resellers.
2.10. Every Guest accesses the areas of the Thermal Park on their own responsibility, and they are accountable of respecting the House Rules, the displayed sign postings and the instructions of the Staff in service.

3.1. For the public security and hygiene the access to the Thermal Park can be refuted to:
3.1.a. People with fewer, gastrointestinal disturbs, skin diseases, or open wounds
3.1.b. People suffering from diseases causing convulsions or fainting
3.1.c. For people with extensive and visible pathological diseases
3.1.d. People under the influence of drugs
3.1.e. People under the influence of alcohol
3.2. Every Guest is obligated to warn our Staff at the entrance of the Thermal Park about their diseases that may cause damages to himself or others. Furthermore, we kindly ask to warn our Staff of any anomalies, damages, dangerous objects, or troubling behaviors of other Guests, thus giving us the possibility to intervene immediately.
3.3. It is forbidden to access the Thermal Park’s areas wearing outdoor footwear. Every person in service or visiting will be handed shoe covers free of charge.
3.4. In the inside areas of the Thermal Park it is mandatory to wear slippers.
3.5. Adults or children, without regard at the age, can access the Thermal Park, the pools, the SPA, and the Wellness area only while wearing swimsuits.
3.6. It is mandatory to shower before entering the pools and before and after using the saunas.
3.7. The infants (indicatively under 3 years) can access the pools only while wearing swim diapers considering with particular attention the hygienic conditions.
3.8. It is forbidden the use of inflatable toys of big dimensions in the pools.
3.9. It is forbidden to jump in the pools, to play with balls (if disturbing the other Guests), to shout or using an upraised voice, to introduce foods or beverages in the water, or behaving in a way that may disturb the other Guests.
3.10. It is forbidden the use of musical devices without earphones.
3.11. It is forbidden to introduce in the pools fragile or dangerous objects that may cause accidents.
3.12. It is forbidden to introduce explosives or inflammable substances.
3.13. During the stay in the water or while moving around it is forbidden to occupy the sunbeds with objects, towels, or bathrobes. The staff is authorized to remove any unattended object after 30 minutes.
3.14. It is mandatory to maintain the cleanness of every area of the Thermal Park. It is forbidden to throw trash, cigarettes on the ground, to get dirt in the water of the pools. The people violating this rule can be obligated to pay a penalty of 15.000 HUF.
3.15. For security reasons, it is forbidden to introduce any kinds of foods or beverages in the Thermal Park areas.

4.1. Using the saunas puts the organism under stress. The saunas are to be used on the user’s own responsibility. Saunas can be dangerous for some people, therefore the Guests are required to inform our Staff about any eventual disease they have. In case of respiratory or cardiovascular disorder, it is recommended to consult with your own doctor before using the saunas.
4.2. In the saunas and steam cabins is it forbidden to wear clothes. However, it is obligatory to cover the private parts in all common areas, steam baths, and saunas by using towels, sauna sheets or bathrobes. Due to hygienic reasons, inside the saunas, it is not allowed to use swimsuits, other clothing or to wear slippers.
4.3. It is mandatory to keep strictly to the displayed information which regulates the use of the various services, as well as following the indications and advice of our Staff in service.
4.4. The use of the saunas and access to the Sauna Land is allowed only for people above 16 years.
4.5. For the correct use of the saunas we kindly ask our guests to see the “Sauna land rules and best practice” posted in the area of the Sauna land.

5.1. Booking: it is possible to book a treatment directly at the SPA reception or calling the extension 608 or +3694514 108 or writing to .
5.2. At the moment of the booking our Colleagues will ask for further information using a questionnaire regarding the health status of the Guest who wishes to use the offered services. In order to use the service, it is mandatory to fill out the questionnaire. We handle the data in accordance with applicable law. You can view our Privacy Policy on our website or at the Hotel Reception.
5.3. Spa treatments and massages are available only for Guests over 14 years.
5.4. We ask you to speak in a low tone of voice so that all our guests can enjoy the quiet of our Spa. We ask you to turn off your mobile phones or keep them in silent mode.
5.5. The Resort’s Management does not take any responsibility for any objects left unattended, so we kindly ask our guests to leave their valuables in their rooms or in the lockable cabinets in the dressing room.
5.6. Before the treatments showering is mandatory.
5.7. Please be aware that, with respect for our other guests, if you are not punctual when you arrive, your treatment time may be shortened to accommodate those following you.
5.8. Cancellations: we understand that inconveniences can occur at any time, however in case of cancellation the following penalties would be applied:
5.8.a. Up to 12 hours before the appointment: free of penalty
5.8.b. From 12 to 6 hours before the appointment: the 15 % of the booked treatment will be charged
5.8.c. From 6 to 1 hour before the appointment: the 50% of the booked treatment will be charged
5.8.d. From 1 hour before the appointment or No-Show: the 100% of the booked treatment will be charged