XXX is our program to thank and reward our most loyal Guests. No complex formulas, complicated calculations, or accumulation of scores: ours is a simple system based on the number of overnight stays and which offers you many advantages in a simple, easy, and immediate way. Sign up today and start taking advantage of all the benefits we have designed for you!

Participating is very simple! Sign up immediately and start accumulating nights and benefits from your next stay. For our guests who have reached the status nights indicated in the table in the last year (January 1 - December 31, 2022), the level and dedicated benefits will be automatically recognized.


  1. The "XXX" program (hereinafter also called "program") is owned and therefore managed by Kristilla Kft and is dedicated to guests staying overnight at the Mjus Resort & Thermal Park facility.
  2. Participation in the "XXX" program is linked to registration made using the appropriate form which can be made in conjunction with a reservation or freely at any time.
  3. Registration is free and therefore does not require the payment of any participation fee. The status obtained is maintained only with the number of nights booked for which the benefits listed in the program are obtained.
  4. Enrollment in the program is reserved for adults only (from 18 years of age) and natural persons only.
  5. The nights valid for obtaining the three status levels and consequently the relative advantages can only be obtained through reservations made directly through the website or through our reservation service by telephone or email. All bookings and therefore stays made through third-party booking portals, tour operators, travel agencies, and group travel are excluded. Furthermore, corporate contracts and corporate or special rates reserved for partners of the structure are excluded from the night count.
  6. The discounts and benefits are granted only to the room of the member participating in the program.
  7. For the year 2023, in the case of loyal guests who enroll in the program, the history of stays for the year 2022 (January 1 - December 31) and the possible accumulation of nights booked in the year 2023 will be taken into consideration. From 1 January 2024, the number of overnight stays made in the last 2 years will instead be considered, as specified in point XXX of this regulation.
  8. The status is maintained with the number of nights spent in the last two years (730 nights from the date of arrival backward or two calendar years???), as foreseen by the three single levels: START from 1 to 5 nights - PLUS from 6 to 10 nights - OPTIMUM from 11 nights onwards.
  9. Enrollment in the program does not expire but to maintain the PLUS or OPTIMUM status and therefore obtain the relative advantages, it is necessary to have stayed at least one night in the space of a calendar year preceding the day of arrival. Otherwise, the status will pass to the START level.
  10. The recognized advantages will be those of the status obtained up to the time of booking and therefore of the next arrival. This means that future nights booked which should improve one's status level do not allow obtaining the relative advantages which will only be recognized starting from the end of the stay and therefore for future bookings.
  11. The nights and benefits cannot be combined with each other to obtain an improved status or related discounts, for example as in the case of friends or family who share the same room and are both enrolled in the program.
  12. Any benefit recognized by the program cannot be converted into cash, nor are refunds foreseen for partially or completely unused benefits.
  13. Some of the benefits provided may have restrictions based on availability (for example the upgrade to a better room) or on the conditions set by the individual services (for example access to the Sauna Relax Lounge reserved only for adults over 16 years of age).
  14. In case of need or extraordinary situations, the services can be modified, canceled, or temporarily or permanently suspended without notice, as well as the entire program. We will however try to inform the participants of the program.
  15. All data is processed in compliance with EU regulation Article 13 2016/679. Our privacy policy can be found here.

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